Appraisals Okanagan

We have been selling Antiques and Collectibles online for over two decades.

We assist companies establish online stores and we value estates and treasures.

We understand the current market very well and are able to give your valuables the protection they deserve with a legal and true appraisal.

An appraisal value is determined by using similar items in the current marketplace. We subscribe to numerous market data feeds and have the latest information and prices for the global market.


The purpose of the appraisal for is of importance so we can ensure your appraisal reflects the value of your item for the intended purpose.

Fair market value is very different from replacement value for insurance.

FAIR MARKET value reflects the value paid at auction usually forced sale in the current market.

REPLACEMENT value for insurance reflects the cost to replace the item today in a retail environment in the event the item was lost or destroyed.

No amount of money can replace a treasured heirloom, but insurance companies require items of value to be listed on your insurance separately with a proper appraisal for adequate coverage. Protect your items with a Certified Legal Appraisal. It is an investments in personal protection.